Talha Mangarah

Proxmox 7 - Activating LVM volumes after failure to attach on boot

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I had an issue with Proxmox 7 (kernel version 5.11) where the LVM volumes don’t get activated properly at boot. Therefore to attach them, I have to manually do it after boot.

The Fix

1.) Find “active” volumes.

  • vgchange -ay, will list active volumes and volumes it can’t activate
    • will probably have meta and data volume active only (may only show one at a time). Example shown below.
      • Activation of logical volume HDD-1/HDD-1 is prohibited while logical volume HDD-1/HDD-1_tmeta is active.
        Activation of logical volume HDD-1/vm-100-disk-0 is prohibited while logical volume HDD-1/HDD-1_tmeta is active.
    • or use lsblk to view the volumes too (just change the volume text formatting to match how lv2 needs to see it e.g. “HDD—1-HDD…” to “HDD-1/HDD…”), below shows a glipse of how it looks in the terminal.
    root@pve:~# lsblk
    NAME                          MAJ:MIN RM   SIZE RO TYPE MOUNTPOINT
    sda                             8:0    0   7.3T  0 disk
    ├─HDD--1-HDD--1_tmeta         253:0    0  15.8G  0 lvm
    └─HDD--1-HDD--1_tdata         253:1    0   7.2T  0 lvm

2.) Deactivate the current active volumes. For me I have to deactivate tmeta and tdata from above therefore use lvchange -an volname, note the correct syntax (hyphens converted properly from before if lsblk is used).

  • For me it looks like this:
lvchange -an HDD-1/HDD-1_tmeta
lvchange -an HDD-1/HDD-1_tdata
lvchange -an HDD-2/HDD-2_tmeta
lvchange -an HDD-2/HDD-2_tdata

3.) Finally, activate it properly now.

vgchange -ay

For reference:

This is what lsblk shows after boot and before manual activation:


Boot error messages:


After manual activation: